EMBEDDED THOUGHT Mumble Chat Server!

Look! Embedded Thought now has its own dedicated chat room for trading, trending discussions, bot building help, cryptocoin talk, and anything really! Catch some of the devs in the mumble server that are working on the trading bots or someone like you just trading crypto. Below is the tutorial on how to get inside.

First you will want to head over to Mumble.info <– That is the wiki page, download the correct client for the OS you are running, and install.

Mumble download

After you install the mumble client you will want to create a username and connect to the following server. Note: if you have a btc-e username you can use that and it will make the verification process faster. This process is used to filter out the trolls that may enter the server.

Mumble Login

Add a server to connect to and fill in the ip address below. Connect:

If you need Real Pro trading advice be sure to get your account verified and join the Traders Corner!